New ! Build your own Home Delivered Fruit and Veg box


Got a question? We've got you covered with some answers! 


Does the fruit and veg in boxes change with the season?

You bet it does. As the seasons change so do the selections in our boxes.  We believe in eating seasonally and making the most of the delicious and nutritious fruits and veg that arrive at the market as the months change.  We will update the website as the selection changes, so from one week to the next you will see new items appearing and others disappearing.

Can I swap out items I don’t want?

No. Each box is prepared and packed with all the items you need for soups, baking, sauces, roasts, snacking and salads based on what's in season. We need to preorder from the farmers in reasonably large volumes to ensure a guaranteed supply and first pick of the best produce and so, unfortunately, we don’t make adjustments to the contents of each box.  We recommend you share or swap the items you don't need with a neighbour.

 When do you deliver?

We deliver every weekday from Monday to Friday. All orders placed before 11am will be delivered direct to your door the following weekday. Orders placed on the weekend will be delivered on Monday or Tuesday at the start of the week.

 Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to the Melbourne metropolitan area.  

What is the minum order for free delivery  

$40 is the minimum order amount when you order a custom box. All the pre packed boxes are over $40 so you automatically receive free delivery 

What payment methods can I use?

Our online store accepts most major payment methods including Mastercard, Visa, Amex, GooglePay, ApplePay and ShopPay.

 How much does delivery cost?

Kindness is free and so too is delivery at Market Box’d! It’ll cost you a grand total of $0 provided your order is a minimum of $40

Where are your fruits and vegetables sourced?

We have been working with local farmers and growers side-by-side for the past 10 years and have strong, sustainable and respectful relationships with them which means our supply will never run dry (unless bad weather gets in the way) and quality never compromised.  Relationships with our suppliers have been what has kept our business thriving and growing for over a decade. And relationships are everything in the fruit and veg business.

Near sourcing and seasonality is as important as quality.  We try to find the best produce as close to the market, where our packing warehouse is located, to reduce carbon miles and time from farm gate to our customers.  Most of our fruit and veg is from local growers in Victoria and if not available here, we source produce from other states in Australia.  Our fruit and vegetables are only ever Australian and always will be. 

Only two sets of hands directly handle your produce – the farmer who picks and then our expert packers who select and box it for you.  Less people handing your fruit and veg is a very good thing.


What hygiene measures do you have in place for packing and delivery?

Marketboxd is Covid Safe Workplace and each box is prepared under strict hygenic conditions in our custom fitted warehouse, securely sealed and then delivered to your door. You don’t have to worry about any unnecessary hands grappling your grapes or squeezing your avo's! Each box is packed under strict HACCP guidelines, guaranteeing the highest standards of food handling compliance.


Is Office Fruit Direct still operating?

OFD is still operating, packing and delivering healthy fruit boxes to our work-place customers who are essential services or continuing to work from offices.  Market Box’d is an offshoot from OFD, designed for home delivery, including salad and vegetable items along with our famous fruit selection, in response to the corona virus lockdown and in an effort to keep our business thriving along with the wonderful farmers and growers and delivery drivers that we work with.  




If you've got any questions please contact us.